Will I lose my new car warranty if I get my car serviced at Southwest Automotive?
NO, Your new car warranty is definitely protected when you get your car serviced at Southwest Automotive.

Who will be working on my car… An apprentice or a fully qualified mechanic?
There will always be a fully qualified mechanic working on your car. We have 3 fully qualified mechanics and 2 apprentices. Under no circumstances would an apprentice be working unsupervised on any vehicle at any time.

What type of payments do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, cash, fleetcard, motorpass and motorcharge.

I have my car with a fleet company, is that something you can do?
Most definitely… We currently deal with most of the fleet companies already. If we have not dealt with yours before we will call them and get authorisation, no problem.

How often should I get my car serviced?
Well there is a lot of confusion about that because each car manufacturer put a different time on it depending on the type of vehicle you have. We believe that if you stick to the general rule of every 6 months / 10,000 km (unless stated otherwise in your logbook) then you will get the most out of your engine and will be able to enjoy lower maintenance costs over the life of the vehicle.

Do I need to do any extra work on my car in between services?
No, you shouldn’t need to do any extra work on your car in between services. It’s always a good idea though to keep an eye on your temperature gauge and listen out for strange noises that may occur.
Also to check the driveway for any oil leaks. If you ever notice any changes then you know we are only just a phone call away and always ready to help.

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